What’s all the fuss?

There are only a handful of SEO people in the Philippines – and I mean trueborn Filipinos, not a foreign expat whatsoever – and it’s worth noting that many of them do not actually know what real SEO is. They could throw in their 2cents and bash me here, but you don’t get to be an expert of SEO by just focusing on following one certain so-called SEO icon (and their methods) or by simply hopping from one article to another that you can find in the internet.

I know this because I have met A LOT of them locally, and whenever I asked them if what kind of methods they are doing, they’ll tell me antique methods that are way, way back 2010.

Full Disclosure: I’ve been in too many experimentation and failures, but one this is for sure: Lots of first-world countries people (and even some Rupee ones) have been benefited with my backlink service. I’m earning 6 figures in $$$ form? No I am not. I’m living the phase of my life where I’m about to have a breakthrough, and I’m earning a decent amount of income where I can afford to pay Php48k-worth of billings. Yet I know there’s more to come.

And so, I have redesigned my site…. AGAIN… for the Nth time now, for the mere purpose of really branding my name in Internet Marketing, instead of just doing this for pleasure and pastime.

Second of all, I still want to call this as my place, so I can rant about some personal and work-related stuff. It is really good to have your own power and not be under someone else’s terms.

But seeing how I tagged this website as “Ethical SEO, Real Results”, I would like to point out something here:

I’m going to expose a lot of things around here – things that other so-called gurus are keeping to themselves, things that are unethical to clientele, and things that are honest-to-goodness and everybody don’t want to deal about.

Another thing to stress out:

I am not Pro Writer, so forgive me if many of posts are raw and some of the grammars as well as sentence construction here are somewhat crooked. My Personal Editor/Faithful Friend here is quite busy and editing is not quickie task.

So I hope I have wrapped things up here…

Enjoy your stay and feel free to contact me if you need anything!

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