Tips & Tricks – Episode 1

It’s been a roller-coaster ride since we have moved in a new place. But our condition right now is way better. Our dogs are much, much more relaxed, we’ve managed to get to bed early and get up early as well as eat on time. It has been a while since I posted; I barely login here as I have lots of things to catch up, though I have been updating our ongoing case study.

So this week, I have managed to discover and learn 4 tricks:

Newer methods of earning money online.

Actually, I already knew about this, I just didn’t get involved deeper into this. Also, these 3 methods needs time and monetary investment (as always). For some people this maybe a bit complicated as it involves tools and dedicated time to learn them.

A software that automates ALL my social medias.

I have mentioned before that I am juggling several websites and blogs. If you add the profile accounts managing, it’ll take a few VAs or Social media Manager to do this, with a lot of know-how about erasing cookies, flushing computer’s DNS, and using a VPN or proxies. But, as you all know, I don’t hire anyone; I partner them. So I’m left with me-managing-accounts tasks, which is in fact, a HUGE pain in the ass.

So I kinda raise this issue and posted a question in a certain forum about this and someone recommended me a software. At first, I was a bit skeptic because I have tried plenty of these bots and all of them failed, crashed, didn’t work, haven’t updated, or altogether killed. But the person that I talked to gave me a 5-day full trial to go for a test run, so I said “why not”, never realizing it was the owner/developer of that software.

3 days after, I was inlove. I bought 5 more aged instagram accounts in different niche and run them on the software with proxies.

Free Articles!

Honestly, I have like 1,000+ unpublished articles here that I wrote for the last 8 years of my life.



But to discover a method that will give you free high quality, handwritten articles, damn, who wouldn’t want that? Some of them are 2,000+ words. I can create a bunch of additional websites and blogs, or use them for client’s GP outreaching. That typically saves me hundreds of dollars from our outsourcing budget.

And nope, this isn’t manual spinning or rephrasing.

E-commerce platform that works better than Woocommerce or Shopify.

And the best thing: it’s FREE! Sadly this isn’t WordPress compatible, because this is a platform itself, not a plugin. The platform is already included in any cPanel’s Softaculous package, so you need to have your own hosting subscription. I just didn’t care about that before because I thought it would be as bad as Joomla. Our brand new SEO website will be up and running before this week ends.

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