Start New. Start Fresh. Welcome Again.

So it’s been a while since I posted here. My last post was on November 2017, and never had any single update since 2018 sets in. The thing is, we’ve totally hit rock bottom, but right now, we are slowly getting back up. So if you’ve watched the movie Sing, you may be familiar about this…


1st Update:

So you’ve noticed that I’ve updated my theme. The last one was “okay”, but the thing about that is it’s not compatible with Yoast SEO plugin. That didn’t bother me before as I really don’t care much about getting indexed or not.; I merely put up this site as an extension of myself, not as a business or anything that generates income. Another thing is that it cannot generate a sitemap, which is a total bummer. Lastly, if I didn’t try to fix my site while I am claiming to be expert on something then I would totally contradicting myself.

2nd Update:

I’ve moved on to clienting. The reason is that:

  • First, my old clients before are nothing but SEO people who has also their own clients.
  • Second, I was about to try reaching out local clients but it seems like it is too impossible for me due to distance and accent barrier.
  • Third, it is much more easy to create and manage my own websites compared to having clients which constantly nags you about reporting.

3rd Update:

There are lots of things that I have tried and observed by myself. I am not the kind of internet marketer that goes by the flow, following gurus, etc.

And nope, I don’t want to be a guru as well. I am not good at teaching others, nor do I have an ego-inflated personality.

So with the new update, I will try my best to squeeze in to writing my knowledge and share it to others.

4th Update:

I would also like to engage in Q&A portion from Quora. Surprisingly, a few people followed me there and requested answers from me.

5th Update:

By the end of this month (February), I promise to update my About Page, so you’ll know better about me instead of hearing one side of the story (especially the story from those who you considered as a guru, but really have plenty of skeletons in the closet).

I will also be adding a Hire Me option for those people who are serious on scaling up their business. You’ll be surprise by my output, however, I will be only accepting a few clients.

So that’s it for now. Hope you’ll continue to read my stuff here and may you flourish in your businesses!



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