From Starbucks Addict To Coffee Bean Aficionado

The day I was reborn as a Coffee Bean aficionado was like the day I knew I had to dump my ex-boyfriend, who I think was the only best dude in the world. Me and my hubby went to Singapore last July and in the middle of hectic touring and sightseeing, we stop at Coffee Bean shop at Vivocity to satisfy our hunger. Because everywhere is expensive, tagging along dollar sign every food and products, I just ordered my favorite go-to drink – anything chocolatey. From that time on, I never set foot another Starbucks shop.

I Started At Starbucks

One of the things that I like in a larger city is the fact that you have plenty of options to choose from. So many foods, drinks, things, and experiences you will encounter (including standing and walking from 5pm to 10pm trying to catch a jeepney so you can go home). I have heard about Starbucks all the time and on many occasional trips I once had, but because I couldn’t afford it, I never ever tasted it – not until last 2016, when I was in Manila to process my papers in embassy. But now that I am able to, I started to get addicted to it, especially the frappes (I am not actually a coffee lover). Starbucks is my reward every Sunday night, after a long week of working.

Starbucks vs Coffee Bean

The reason why I switch is because Coffee Bean seems to have a richer, creamier taste on their Pure Double Chocolate Blended compared to Starbucks’ Chocolate Frappucino. The whipped cream is likewise more tasty and with no chocolate syrup. I sometimes buy two of their Choco Blended – drink the other one and take home the other one, freeze it, and eat it like ice cream the next day.

My husband also said that CBTL’s recipes on their drinks are far healthier than Starbucks. He doesn’t really mind the whole fatty milk that Starbucks use. What he doesn’t like on their coffee is that it tastes very sharp and it smells urine-like.

Another thing that I have noticed is that Starbucks drinks are too sugary, which is in fact not good for health conscious people or for those who are diabetic.

However, Starbucks though has lots of varieties in terms of snack foods, which others find it great. But for me, I don’t usually go and taste everything. Once I tasted something that I like, I binge on it until God-knows-when. So what I like on CBTL in terms of food is that they have this old fashioned doughnut that is just perfect to my tastebuds, as such I couldn’t find to Dunkin Donuts or Mister Donuts altogether or any doughnut food chain available.

And The Other Brands?

I need not to argue with that. I only have to taste it once and if I’m not coming back, then it’s definitely not worth reviewing for. But for the sake of this…

  • Bo’s Coffee – waaaaaayyyyyyy too sweet!
  • Mr. Coffee – a little starchy

(I will add more if I’ll be able to try another shop)


I don’t know exactly why the heck I have conclusion part here when it is very clear that I favor CBTL. I guess I just don’t really know how to end this review, LOL!

But anyway, to many people Starbucks is a very big brand and many of those who haven’t tasted it dreamt about it. Everyone has different tastebuds and preferences, so try different shops before you settle on one.

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