Setback and Reset

It’s been pretty crazy lately – not just last week, or since the time we got Lexie – but since the day I stopped our JV from someone who screw us up altogether. Things weren’t really the same. And even though I’d love to post it here what happened, information are just too sensitive. But I will divulge a portion of it.

For a year we’ve been dealing with many international clients looking for backlinks. I really can’t remember how it all started, but I still can remember the day I posted in FB group asking for white label SEO recommendation. Since then we’ve been dealing backlinks from one person (besides our own website inventory) that our ex-JV partner has recommended.

This led to conversations in Skype and him “accidentally” telling me stuff that he shouldn’t (he prolly thought I’m a girl and I’m from Philippines so I’m stupid – FYI, I always play stupid in order to get what I want). A year forward, exactly 3 months ago, another person approached me if I can be his supplier of links and I said “yes”. He said he’ll take care of clients, etc. This person alerted me about my JV partner’s illegal activity.

He’s been hacking 6,000+ websites, employ 3 people separately to “smuggle” these backlinks, and hire another set of “assistants” to place in the links WITHOUT AUTHORIZATION from the website owners. I tried to dispute all my transactions with one of his sellers and Paypal just shut down 6 out of 8 cases, despite of our constant phone calls to them (which is very expensive) Reason: One agent says “the service is rendered and the seller is not liable if the website owner will delete the backlinks”; another agent says, “you violated the seller’s TOS”… You see HOW PATHETIC PAYPAL IS????!!! Hence the reason why I am not using any more of Paypal.

Worst thing is, they’ve kicked me out into several FB groups where I get most of my clients. Their reason:

Weldon Stanford calls me when I said I have connections so don’t try to threaten me. Husband picked it up and he dropped the call.

LOL! I stole someone’s time and services? He’s kidding me, right? I’m the one stealing something now???

Here’s another thing… That partner was the most loyal and trusted people in SEO? Well, let me show you how he really is:


The Trigger

Yesterday, I’ve got two missed calls from one of the new bloggers. My ringer is off (still wasn’t able to disable the DND mode from last night) so I did not get to receive the call. I was thinking on texting, but I hold myself not to, because I already have an idea about why he called.

Because I was so busy getting through life and dogs, I was only able to call my parents tonight and asked about it. We had a conversation with my dad (he also invested on getting a blog, along with my two brothers), and I can hear from his voice that I am, again, a disappointment. I’ve been living enough time, had argued/fought with him so many times, that I memorized the tone of his disappointment voice.

The thing is, they don’t understand (and I am talking to ALL people in general). In Philippines, when you got married with a foreign national, they expected a lot from you. Same as when they know that your financial status soared high. While my youngest brother can truly attest my earnings back then, how I am getting paid by my clients (sometimes I let him babysit my convo with my clients and check if the payment arrives), they couldn’t and wouldn’t understand, that sometimes in life, “shit happens”.


The Crossroad

This is actually the time in my life where I am in the verge of crossroad. I didn’t ask for this to happen. First of all, he started it and I have to respond (by ending the relationship). Again, this will all be revealed soon. Right now, I am still busy thinking what are my next moves. Basically I have an idea, but there are some things that are probing my wounded spot that I badly need to patch it up.


The Pesky

Three months ago, too, I went to my hometown to help people up – help them be educated about the potential of internet to earn money, help them to break free from employer-bondage – but, as always, there’s always a problem.

The above setback happened!

I shouldn’t accepted the money and build their sites, but I did it anyhow because I was hoping we could still salvage our reputation and I am also hoping that this could help those new bloggers. Having a website is a VERY GREAT OPPORTUNITY, but the thing is, these people want money right away.

I know that I have promised them clients, and if they can wait, I will, but since they don’t want to, they SHOULD HAVE the initiative to learn how to make money through blogging or through their website.

Heck, they did not even realize the potential of their websites. I have built them properly and the domains have backlinks from Authority sites like The Guardian, Huffington Posts, Wikipedia, Gizmodo, Lifehack, PCMag, and many more.

FYI, did you know that 1 backlink from Huffington Post is worth $200-$400? Other backlinks like The Guardian and Gizmodo are VERY exclusive – the only to get them is to be one of their staff or hired author? If I could get access to this, I would sell them $1,500 a pop!

See, that’s one thing they did not realize…

They think that this is easy money, but it isn’t. I spent 7 freaking years to get a breakthrough and finally made my first $1,000, and they’re expecting to earn money for 3 months? Besides, I already disclose that to them, that they have to wait for 2-4 months to start earning, but I have no idea where did my words go. As early as 1 month, they’ve been like nagging and nagging, when in fact their website is still under observation.

As always, I get it. You want an income and you want your website or blogs to start earning, but the truth is, THIS IS NOT A GET-RICH-QUICK SCHEME. I did not say they should undergo 8 years to get into where I am, but everything that takes time is surely worth the wait. I did not regret those years where I was underpaid (and sometimes, not paid at all) or I was working more than what my job description was – and that’s because I was learning, and it sure as hell money doesn’t come in quickly.

In a way, why should I wonder when these people are soooooooo into Binary Networking for soooooooo many years, and they are getting used to instant gratification.


The Explanation

I already told one of the bloggers that they shouldn’t worry if the website is not earning for 2 months or 5 months, once I get clients, I’d be able to place in 10 clients at once and they will be able to breakeven on their capital.


The Possible Solution

Me and my husband is talking for brief moment about this and we have come up with a possible solution – buy out those websites.

It is not a loss anyhow. After buying them back, we could spend a little more money for product pages and backlinks, wait for 4-8 months until it generate income from affiliating, and then flip it. We will be expecting the price around $10,000 to $50,000 on each. Our 11k domain has started to gain organic traffic and clickthroughs whilst it took me an awful time to revive all the posts, so it would be a lot easier with these sites.

One day, these bloggers will look back and say, “had I asked her [me] nicely what other ways to earn from that website instead of nagging on putting clients she doesn’t have yet during that time, I could’ve been enjoying the money she’s spending right now.” And then they will start asking questions again, knocking on “my ark”, just like those people back at Noah’s days.


The Lessons Learned

If there is one thing I’ve learned on this situation:

Never partner up to random people.

And only one verse is ringing in my ear to this:

2 Corinthians 6:14 “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness.”

This reminds me when I am still investing in Ukraine companies. Everything went smooth and sailing, then I started letting people in (they’re the ones asking though), and then shit happens.

I have a very great desire to help people level up on their life. But again, now I’ve learned that no matter how you shove the help into their mouths, if they don’t swallow it, then let it be. I was fool enough to believe that I can help every single people, even the most difficult to deal with, but here I am, tormented with their constant poking and nagging, as if I have scammed them, as if I just disappeared out of nowhere and took their money with me.

I probably should stop helping people from now on. Money is a very dangerous thing and if I’m the one responsible of opening up this huge material blessing to them and they couldn’t handle it, then I’m to blame.

Or probably I have to smarten up on letting people in, filtering those people who are craving on money so much.

To be honest, I did not chase the money we had. Now that everything’s screwed up, I’m back to me-chasing-the-money again.

I wish I should’ve known better…

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