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Hi everyone, this is Junie Rutkevich and I'm a Filipino Internet Marketer, a Serial Entrepreneur, and  a Crowd Stirrer. I specialize in authentic backlinks, staking down Ethical SEO actions that deliver nothing but results within days/weeks. I begun my career in the year 2009 as a freelancer and virtual assistant from many different companies and individual businesses, and from there my skills are sharpened and honed. The rest is history.

Right now, I exclusively own a Digital Agency without any assistants, but rather "partners". I don't employ people; I partner them. Backed with 20+ interested bloggers, I'm serving clients all across the world. Every month, I expand my 
Public Bloggers Alliance (PBA),
without owning every single one of it and manipulating the search engines, but at the same time helping people create a conducive atmosphere for business.

Where you can find me:

A collaboration with my cousin Jezreel Lacida. He arranged the music, I composed the lyrics.
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