When God Says ‘No’, What Will You Do?

Have you ever tried insisting a certain thing that you badly want even though you don’t have any GO signal from the Lord, OR there is no authorization from the company, OR against your family, loved ones, friends, etc? And what is the result?

Maybe at first you enjoyed what you were doing, but in the end you were tired, disillusioned, frustrated, or probably empty.  And then maybe (just maybe), you’ll find yourself singing some sad songs related to your situation.

A lot of people today are confused about which one should they follow – God’s No or Man’s Yes? But when we really look into God’s Word, it’s pretty simple. According to Proverbs 14:12, “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.”Meaning, our own capabilities and understanding are very limited, so much so that there are things in this world that we could not fathom. Only God can. Thus for the very same reason, we ought to follow God.

We are all familiar about the saying…

When God closes a door, He opens a window

But believe it or not, it’s hell in the hallway. When it seems like all the doors are closing and yet no windows are opening, it’s not easy. Sometimes it confuses us when we are caught right in the sovereignty of God, and yet He is silent. And therefore, most of the times, instead of waiting we chose to move on our own, “thinking” it is the right thing for us.

Sometimes in our work or business, ideas will come up and we think “this is it”. We feel and we think that it will be a big hit. And because of such feeling, you thought such is the opportunity that you CANNOT just let it go, thus you immediately grab it withou asking counsel from people who you think are their forte, or weighing the pros and cons, or even consulting anyone at all — including God.

Other times, even though that everyone is obviously saying “No” and everything is indicating “Don’t go”, and yet here you are, still trying to push through even if deep inside you it’s not good for you.

Don’t get me wrong though… there are times that I defy a lot of things — people, banks, even natural disaster — and I know I was acting out faith and I know that it is from God.

So there is a big difference between being stubborn on something and being persistent on your faith.

But how do you know the difference?

Know if it is in line with what the Bible says.

Bible is nothing but a compilation of books written by man but inspired by God. In short, it’s the Word of God. It has all sorts of stuff there — be it good or bad — and all are written for “…teaching, reproof, correction, and instruction…”. If what you’re about to do doesn’t go in line with what the Bible says, obviously it’s not from the Lord. Example, it is stated there that one should not be equally yoke together with unbelievers, and yet here you are, vindicating yourself with your unsaved girlfriend or boyfriend.

Do not be afraid or grew tired on asking the Lord for confirmation.

You know, I have seen the Lord’s leading in my life in terms of my romantic relationships. I could’ve easily go into a guy that I like and shack with him, but the Lord ALWAYS intervene. So when my husband proposes for a marriage, even though we only have 2-week proper engagement, I was constantly asking the Lord for confirmation. I even asked the Lord to break us up if it is not His Will for us to get married.

Is God going to be “in” it?

Everything we do and say, all of our endeavors, should all boil down into one thing — Would it glorify God? — Another thing — Are you going to include God in to whatever you are about to do? — If not, then most likely the answer would be “No”, and if you insist, then you’re already doomed even if you haven’t started yet.

Now that we have figure it out if the one thing you asked for is worth pursuing or not, let’s talk about what would your response be if all the signals are RED.

Thank God for the barriers.

It is one thing to thank and praise God when you are on the mountain tops, but it’s another thing if you hit rock bottom. God commanded us to “rejoice always” and “in everything give thanks” — be it good or bad. First, thank the Lord because without the barriers (otherwise known as God’s intervention) you would be in a lot of mess than what you already have. Second, thank the Lord that He loves you and still cares for you, no matter how many times you let Him fail. He “could’ve” let you fall on that pit, but He did not allow it. Third, you are still alive and you still have a second chance to get back up and try again. There are so many things to be thankful for, but I’ll only give 3 reasons here just to kick your butt. 🙂

Pray and ask God to give you grace so you can submit to His plans.

We are human and our desires will inevitably change in due time. Instead of focusing what you want which will only fuel your desire towards that thing, focus on seeking what God wants instead. Most of the times we could not really see that there are so much better things because we are too blinded with what’s now and what’s in front of us. So many people are wanting to leave for greener pasture, but maybe God’s desire is for you to fertilize your own backyard and make it more greener than somebody else’s pasture.


Oh, I have said it above: When God closes the door, surely He will open a window, but it’s hell in the hallway. Yes, the waiting game is not really the best game to play with, but it is during this time that God tests you, and how you react or respond on this phase determines exactly what window is gonna open. God is not going to give you something you cannot handle. So wait and exercise your faith.

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