[Case Study #1]

After 7 months of toiling an affiliate website, everything crumbles into pieces. Everything was doing fine, website got its first 2 sales, and we are expecting to generate income a month after that happened. But because we got entangled of a relationship with somebody who slanders the name of Jesus openly and is doing dark SEO (unbeknownst to us), we’re back in square one.

I will not explain the rest of that story here, as I have decided to deal between things separately. In this post though, it will be a case study, a record of status and improvements of our newly bought and rebuilt affiliate website.

Niche: Baby | Children | Family

Page Target:  3 standalone product pages

  • Product 1 – 2,400 est.monthly Search Volume – Keyword Difficulty 7
  • Product 2 – 4,400 est.monthly Search Volume – Keyword Difficulty 6
  • Product 3 – 9,400 est.monthly Search Volume – Keyword Difficulty 9

Estimated Earnings: approx. $5,600+/mo

  • Product 1 – $103.68 minimum
  • Product 2 – $1,782 minimum
  • Product 3 – $3,807 minimum

Potential flipped price: between $80,000 to $120,000


September 15 – 19

We are on the lookout for auctioned domains within the niche specified. The reason we want to go after this niche is because we already have articles in it from the JV we have before. Wayback Machine have not recorded it so it is still good to use.

September 20

We bought the domain for $215 (approx 11,000 pesos) using bitcoins (we recently stopped feeding Paypal)


The status of the site when we bought it.

ttc-ahref1 ttc-moz1

As you can see it already has traffic even though it has been down for a while. I am not worried about the Spam Score, since MOZ usually takes 3 months to update a website’s status, and I am very sure this is based from the previous look of this domain.

September 23 – 24

Installed WordPress. Bought a theme worth $17 (original price $49). Done the major settings, theme tweaking, created basic pages, and copy-pasting/reviving 2010 blog posts of the domain using Wayback Machine. We placed it in Maintenance mode.

September 25

Posted articles in 5 Authority/Community websites. All backlinks are branded or naked and are pointing to homepage. Normally we let these backlinks index on its own, so it may take a while before GWT or Ahrefs will pick this up.

September 27 – 29

We took a day off, so we decided to lift up the Maintenance mode, generated the sitemap, then add it to Google Webmaster Tool before we left it within that two days.

September 30

Surprised to see genuine traffic results from GWT. So far it got 18 clicks from organic search results (apparently this is the most positive impressions for a short span of time compared to the old site – which I think was sandboxed by Google – and even with any other auctioned or brand new sites we have)


In Amazon, it gained 47 clicks, by which we are still confused where are these clicks coming from, especially since it was only happened on Sept. 29th.


I am still on the process of rebuilding all the blog posts (ex-owner posted loads of articles and I have to manually copy-paste them, including the images and its affiliated links).

October 2

Ordered 2x articles for the product pages, worth $40 total. I did not ordered for 1 product page because luckily the ex-owner has a page for this.

October 3

Created the social pages (excluding the FB – we are still wrestling FB admin on changing our existing Baby page’s name)

October 5

Started doing email outreach and campaigning. Also bought 3 guest posts (for $5 each), but have not sent it out yet, since the product pages are not yet built.

October 9-10

Posted the last two product pages… finally!

October 13

Ordered 15x Niche Directory. Finished the media set. As for the traffic, it continue to rise…

October 17 & 25

Under 1 month, our first blog-affiliated site started generating income, with 3 sales right of the bat. Second sale was made on 25th. As we continue to do backlinking on this domain, we are expecting them to keep generating income conversion as well as its ranking.


October 28

The amount of daily organic traffic also surge. Up until today, we hit the highest traffic.


October 29 – Dec 5

It’s been a while since we updated this. This is the reason why I don’t like recording case studies. I lost keeping track of everything, but I know it works. We’ve been busy trying to cope up our situation and deal with the moving and a lost of our loved one (may the Lord be kind enough to let us see Fritz on New Heaven and Earth), as well as juggling with our uber-hyper Doberman with separation anxiety.

With all that, we never abandoned the site (how could we!). During this time frame, we constantly reached out for guest post and only ordered 1 package of safe filler links, never force index them.

So for the update…. (queue the drum roll please)

FIRST:  The GWT traffic analytics — From 10/29 – 12/03

SECOND:  Amazon Affiliate Earnings Report — From 10/29 – 12/03

THIRD:  The site is going to be on its 3rd month this December 20, and we are seeing positive change on one of our target pages using the Keyword 2.

FOURTH:  Now look at this good signals on its metrics, and compare it from the one we showed last September 20.

Now it’s time to put in more force. In the next few days, we are going to pump the blog posts some 10 PBNs (bought) and 3-5 Auctioned sites revived sites. Guest posting will still continue and we may try to put into action the theory I’ve formulated some time ago.

Case Study on going…


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