8 Ways On How To Increase Blog Traffic (That Many Don’t Tell You)

So many people are asking about how to drive traffic to your website or blogs. Well, let me post this and share my knowledge to end the hullabaloo.

Traffic can be obtain in many ways, not just in social media. You don’t need to be viral to get a lot of eyeballs to your blogs; you don’t need to rely on a tracking tool or plugin to get the exact visitors, as they are merely an “estimation”; you don’t need too many traffic to get a conversion to your site.

Except for those who are doing blogs for passion and therapy (think about Dr. John Watson), I am pretty sure everyone here likes to monetize their blog. Sure, it would be nice to have massive traffic, but at the end of the day, all you need is conversion. You can have tons of traffic and have zero conversion.

But, for the sake of this post, I will only talk about traffic, so let’s get to it…

1. Try targeting keywords.

There is a limited free tool that you can use for this (kwfinder.com). For those who don’t know (or even for those who do), each keyword has equivalent estimated monthly search volume. While it is very nice to target 10k search volume, it would be good to get a bunch of set keywords that are like 100-1k each. Get all these keywords and insert it naturally to one of your post. Actually, do this every time you create an article. For example, if you are looking to write about “goat milk”, you can see the related keywords are “goat milk soap”, “goat milk benefits”, “where to buy goat milk”. So when you are writing the article, be conscious and insert these keywords naturally anywhere in your article body. If you rank anywhere on the first page of most keywords, you’ll get a huge portion of audience organically.

2. Write the article.

Do the research here. So if you want to write about “benefits of goat milk”, and then you find an article on the first page like “18 Amazing Health Benefits Of Goat Milk” (this is live example, you can check it), then make an article that surpasses this. Probably you can title it “25 Goat Milk Health Benefits And Facts You Should Be Know”. Your main keyword should be on the title + supporting other keywords (such as “health benefits”) should be present.

3. Send backlinks.

That should be the next step. This is very easy to be honest, you don’t need to be a pro at SEO or guest posting; you can research a site related to goat milk and drop comment, OR create and publish articles in free community sites like SheKnows or Hubpages. Don’t be bothered about DoFollow or NoFollow; a link is a link, no matter what other people are saying. These links will help your goat milk post visible in search engine.

4. Create supporting posts related to the target page.

Anyone hear about siloing? Or maybe interlinking? This is the method where you create supporting post and link to your target page. Do not regurgitate the same information. Be creative about this. And then, make sure on your homepage, link back to this page as well.

5. Social media.

I know, I know, everybody’s doing this. But the question here is, are you doing it right, OR is your effort enough? You sign up to SocialAdr, buy some credits and put in your blog for everybody to share! And, if you have more budget, invest on FB ads.

6. Reach out to big and influential people in your niche.

Contact people who you think have massive followers and is related to your blog or to the article you are going to write and promote, and then interview them. Once it is done and published, inform them and give them the URL of the interview post and kindly ask them to promote on their social media platforms.

7. Join plenty of communities.

Join FB communities and forums. Share the post which you think is related to group. For example, if you have post like “16 Things You Didn’t Notice About Harry Potter Movies”, then do post it in Harry Potter related groups, and NOT in The Walking Dead FB groups.

8. Do not underestimate your site speed.

We live ina fast-paced world. That being said, 99% of those who are relying on internet for information or help have zero tolerance of slow loading sites. A faster site is sure to have a good user experience, thus decreases your bounce-rate, thus your blog will rank higher on certain terms in Google, thus you get traffic, thus you have better conversion. Every second counts nowadays and the loading time of your site majorly affects page abandonment. So here are some ways to enhance your blog’s loading speed:

  • Use a lightweight theme/template
  • Install cache plugin
  • Compress your pictures. Two tools I use are CompressJPG and TinyPNG.


That’s it for now. Hopefully this will help you to increase your traffic. If you have anything to contribute, drop me a comment and let’s discuss about it, so I can add it in here.

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